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08/23/2005 Archived Entry: "TCF to return"

"TWO DAYS OR THEREABOUTS." That's the word on when The Claire Files message boards should return to life. It still appears to be a tech issue, not a hack. But it's a very thorny one. The downtime hasn't been idle time. Aside from Bark being at work on the site's guts, Elias Alias and I have been talking about ways to keep this from happening again and/or keep TCF participants in contact even if it does happen.

It's amazing what an important resource TCF has become. We're not just suffering from "chat withdrawal" symptoms, but from the loss of a bountiful database and contacts for gulching, preparedness, and how-tos on everything from pickle making to computer networking to off-grid power. Can't count the number of times this week that I've found myself saying, "I'll just check TCF for this" or "I'll just take that question over to the people at TCF" -- then sighed with dismay, remembering I couldn't.

Posted by Claire @ 06:29 AM CST

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