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07/26/2004 Archived Entry: "Big Bro in your license plate -- and your bloodstream"

INJECTIONS TO PREVENT ADDICTION? Coming within two years, says this article. The shots are designed to take the high out of getting high. Wonder what other joys such injections could destroy? Might be sort of like living in the world of Equilibrium.

This might be useful if you're talking about giving the injections to drug abusers who want a new way to quit. But they're talking about "immunizing" little kids -- preventing addiction (and BTW, pleasure and BTW, free will) in the same way they now present measles.

Well, if Big Brother's still a few years away from oozing into your bloodstream, he's already in our technology in ways even smartfolk can't keep track of:

"There is a widening and yawning gap between the surveillance that is actually happening and people's understanding for the capacity for surveillance. People just have no clue, and I'm describing intelligent people," says Stephanie Perrin, president of Digital Discretion Inc. in Montreal.

"At the very broad level, we have a society that thinks it's democratic and absolutely has no concept of what the technology does."

Posted by Claire @ 09:13 AM CST

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