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10/27/2003 Archived Entry: "RateMyTeachers.com"

INNIT FUNNY HOW SCHOOL & TEACHER GROUPS GO TOTALLY NON-LINEAR when anyone proposes to hold them to any standard? In the latest flap, schools are applying filters and howling foul over an interesting little Web site called RateMyTeachers.com ... even though most of the teachers being rated are getting praise.

Yet teachers spend their whole careers holding other people to standards -- albeit arbitrary, meaningless ones.

Teaching us to work and scramble for "A's," for instance ... What the hell's an "A" and what does it have to do with anything in the real world? Why should anybody want one? Why not, instead strive for something like ... a sense of discovery, a victory over one's own weaknesses, a creative insight, mastery of a new technique, a move to a new level of real-world accomplishment? An "A"? What am I gonna do with that? Guess I could put it in scarlet on my chest. Nah ...

Anyhow, seems the ratings kids give their teachers on that site are more meaningful than the ones teachers give to the students. Ha, maybe that's what the ed-u-crats are so afraid of. An injection of reality into the government schools. Mmmmm ... dangerous!

Posted by Claire @ 10:36 PM CST

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