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10/25/2003 Archived Entry: "Female libertarians"

ALISON BROWN KNOWS WHY THERE ARE SO FEW FEMALE LIBERTARIANS. And challenges you more logical guys to come up with a solution.

Nobody has yet asked the question about female libertarians that most intrigues me. How come, although we're few in numbers, libertarian babes often occupy the most fiercely radical turf? Offhand (and this is definitely no scientific survey), I can think of only one very well-known female "nerf" libertarian. On the other hand, without working up a mental sweat, I can think of five or six prominent radical libwimmins I'd definitely want to be on the barricades with.

Even outside the ranks of us noise-makers, I see it. Although I'd guess that 90-95 percent of my correspondence comes from men (and a terrific lot they are), the few women who write often seem as fierce and uncompromising as mother bears fighting for their cubs when they talk about life and liberty. Typically, women are in the most hardcore "wing" of all my correspondents.

Posted by Claire @ 10:50 AM CST

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