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12/15/2005 Archived Entry: "The fedgov to subsidize the war on prostitution/Happy Bill of Rights Day"

EXTENDING ITS TENDRILS RIGHT INTO THE JOCKEY SHORTS OF AMERICA, the fedgov is now planning to federalize the war on prostitution. Picture the happy little day when men become federal felons for getting blow jobs.

Is there anything -- anything? -- those freaks in Washington don't want to control? Watch your willies, boys -- because Big Brother Sister has designs on them. And I think the word "femizazis" could soon take on an entirely new meaning.

Oh yes ... Happy Bill of Rights Day. Celebrate it while you still can. By this time next year, anyone who mentions the BoR might be rounded up and hauled away. After all, we libertarians are a worse threat to the nation's "security" than those deadly anti-war Quakers.

(UPDATE: Oh. Guess I was wrong about the possibility of us being suppressed, repressed, or oppressed. AZ just sent a news release in which Our Glorious Leader assures us "We are standing with dissidents and exiles against oppressive regimes and tyranny." I feel so much better now. Boys, just offer those willies up to the fedgov and quit complaining. You druggies, just spend your decades in jail without protest. You Quakers -- well, you heretical ingrates you, I guess you ought to be burnt at the stake. Shut up all of you and COMPLY! It's all in the cause of freedom.)

Posted by Claire @ 07:53 AM CST

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