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12/15/2005 Archived Entry: "Astonishing auction"

YOU GUYS ARE ASTONISHING. From the moment Debra and I posted announcements of our eBay auction to raise funds for Bark's cancer medicines we watched a little miracle.

Within minutes we had the first bid and a warm note from the bidder. Swiftly Sunni Maravillosa picked up the word and added to it, encouraging those who couldn't buy to donate. Fran Tully got the idea of raising money for a group bid. Kirsten wrote a profoundly touching tribute. Freeman blogged the word. The delightful David Codrea not only posted the news but made a pretty astonishing bid -- which (sorry, David) was rapidly overtopped by even more astonishing bids. Rational Review News listed us among events and causes to support -- even though they themselves are a cause currently in need of funding.

I don't know who else out there might quietly have spread the news.One of liberty's most staunch and steady friends pitched in with a PayPal donation (thank you, MLS), and others who said they couldn't buy the book we're auctioning pledged to send money to help with Bark's meds.

And a lot of folks knew pretty quickly that the book was going to be beyond their means. Because those bids leapt up and up and up all day, quickly surpassing my wildest imaginings. Four days before the auction closes, Vin Suprynowicz can already be assured of bragging rights to "single copy of The Black Arrow sells for hundreds of dollars!" And you guys have -- once again -- earned my respect and love for doing so much to help friends in need.

Remember this next time somebody sneers about "selfish libertarians."


I owe an apology to a few very unselfish libertarians. In the auction copy I said the cost of Bark's meds was being borne entirely by Basil Fishbone, Iloilo Jones, and Elias Alias. I failed to credit TCFers who've already sent several hundred dollars to help the cause. Since eBay won't allow copy changes once bidding is underway, my hasty words have to stand. I wanted to give kudos to the three who've given their all to help a friend in need, but I didn't mean to slight other generous friends. Bark is blessed to have friends like Basil, Iloilo, and Elias. But the blessings go wider and deeper, too.

Posted by Claire @ 07:24 AM CST

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