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09/27/2004 Archived Entry: "Space Touris begins!"


British airline magnate Richard Branson has announced a plan for the world's first commercial space flights.

Branson's Virgin Atlantic airline has signed a technology licensing deal with the US company behind SpaceShipOne, which in June became the first private manned craft to travel to space, he told a press conference in London on Monday.

Virgin has signed an agreement worth $25 million with Mojave Aerospace Ventures, which owns the technology behind the private space vessel.

Would-be space tourists would pay from $207,000 for a flight, receiving three days' flight training beforehand.

Up to 3000 astronauts could fly into space over a five-year period ...

What a strange world we live in. Charles, who sent this info, found the story on Aljazeera.net.

Posted by Claire @ 08:54 AM CST

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