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11/16/2006 Archived Entry: "Paid in Gold"

MY INTRODUCTION TO GOLD Blogispondent Ian here. I went to sell a gun the other day, and came away with more than I'd expected. I've been saving up money for a new project, and decided to sell off one of my extra firearms to help things along. So I did some advertising, and found a local buyer, and set a time and place to meet. I met my buyer there, and he looked over the gun, and decided that he did indeed want it. So far, this had all run just like any other routine gun sale - but at this point the guy did something that hadn't ever happened to me before. He pulled out both a wad of green paper in the amount I was asking for, and also a single gold coin in a little plastic sleeve. A Krugerrand, to be specific. And he offered me the choice of taking either one as payment.

Well, I thought about that choice long and hard...for about two seconds. And chose the coin. How could I turn it down? Here I am, having read libertarian economics for pretty much all of my adult life, but having never dealt with anything but Federal Reserve Notes. There is something just indescribably alluring about that gold coin...the idea that right here in my hand is real money, something with value anywhere and at any time. It's solid and weighty and shiny, and just exudes "real"ness in a way that paper currency just can't hold a candle to. I think I'm hooked now - I want more of it!

Posted by Ian @ 04:54 PM CST

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