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09/15/2003 Archived Entry: "Yellowstone heating up"

MORE ON YELLOWSTONE. I don't mean to be alamist. Really. Because no one knows enough to predict the moods of volcanos, let alone supervolcanos. But things are definitely heating up in the park.

This could pressage nothing but a steam explosion, a period of uneasiness that leads to No Big Deal, a small eruption ... or who knows what. Just keep aware -- especially (for anyone more than 600 miles from the caldera) of the potential need to renew and re-vamp your Y2K supplies against famine and other malign effects of "volcanic winter." If you're within that 600 miles ... well, good luck. :-) Your problems may turn out to be simpler, and certainly over more quickly, than everybody else's.

Don't anybody say I'm "predicting" the supervolcanic Big One. I'm not. And if I were, you should consider the source & pay no attention. But it's healthy to be reminded that we're not in total control of our own destiny -- and to know we can control how we respond to events. Anyway, if nothing else, you can now quit feeling silly about all those pails of rice and beans that have been sitting in your basement since the last big non-event. Whether by volcano, unemployment, illness, hyperinflation, flood, storm, act of asteroid, or act of god, they may come in handy yet.

Posted by Claire @ 12:14 PM CST

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