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02/09/2004 Archived Entry: "Campaign to Demilitarize the Police"

YOU'VE PROBABLY HEARD ABOUT THE PLAN TO EMBED CIA OPERATIVES WITH LOCAL POLICE. News about this foul little bill (H.R. 3439) flashed around the Net this weekend. Carolyn Maloney, the bill's perverse progenitor, is now under heated assault by The Campaign to Demilitarize the Police.

The bill's only got two sponsors and it's been sitting in committee for months, so it doesn't look like an immediate threat. But it does have the feel of a trial balloon. This is exactly the sort of legislative dreck that goes nowhere on its own but later makes its way into one of those 1,000-page appropriations bills that none of our "representatives" read before voting yes on.

I'd never heard of the Campaign to Demilitarize the Police until Eric Garris blogged it at AntiWar.com. Looks like a "left-wing" and very New Yorky organization. Yet the rest of us can thank our lucky stars that one noisy group is already geared up to oppose this BS.

The government controls the general population through fear. (Not to mention bread and circuses.) But it controls us -- the watchers, the activists -- by assaulting us with so many horrors that our efforts are scattered or diluted, or we freeze because we don't know in which direction we should throw our rocks.

There's a lot of bad stuff you can say about "the left." But when they get roused, they're far more effective than libertarians or conservatives. Watch them go after this bit of news (uncovered by Debra) that the feds are, for the first time in decades, subpoenaing information on a peaceful activist group -- in this case, anti-war organizers.

Posted by Claire @ 07:57 AM CST

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