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02/09/2004 Archived Entry: "Americans turning against Bush?"

AMERICANS TURNING AGAINST BUSH? The other day I wrote about a formerly pro-Bush friend turned rabidly anti-Bush in mere months. Could she be part of a trend? So Eric Margolis writes in the Toronto Sun.

And not that the polls count for much, but the latest look as if folks would like to take the pruning shears to Bush.

'Course, you can't tell it by reading FreeRepublic.com, which (fallen far from its glory days as a vast townhall meeting protesting government abuses) has largely turned into a Bush cheerleading squad, specializing in fancy knee-jerks. But something's moving out there, under the surface.

So watch for some huge terrorist scare shortly before the elections to remind everybody to keep shuffling along behind the boss.

Posted by Claire @ 08:12 AM CST

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