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02/06/2004 Archived Entry: "Porkus Federalus"

LAST SPRING I DISCOVERED THAT ONE OF MY DOG-RESCUE COHORTS WAS ALSO PRETTY LIBERTARIAN though she didn't even know the word. We were talking happily away about gun rights and government limits. But the minute I dissed Bush, she got her back up. Nope. Bush might not be perfect, but he was the best president we'd had in years.

Now, with the monster deficit and expansions of government spending that make Clinton look like Calvin Coolidge ... suddenly she loathes Bush. Yesterday she was practically foaming at the mouth over his "spend now, pay later" ways. If more R's believe as she does, then maybe Jim Grichar's one and only hope of cutting "Porkus Federalus" will come true. (Not counting on it, though.)

Posted by Claire @ 07:32 AM CST

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