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02/05/2004 Archived Entry: "Best summary of the RFID issue"

IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO NEEDS AN EASY OVERVIEW OF THE RFID ISSUE -- from what RFID tags are to their beneficial uses to the serious privacy problems they impose, refer that person to this article by the admirable Simson Garfinkel. Garfinkel explains it all, dispassionately and in very few words.

(If there's anything to laugh at in the awful imposition of RFIDs upon the unwilling, it surely must be that Gillette -- one of the most aggressive pioneers of customer-tracking -- ordered 500 million chips from a company called Alien Technology. As planned for our future, the technology is alien, all right. Alien to freedom. Alien to privacy. Alien to voluntary association between businesses and their customers.)

Thanks to privacy maven Richard W. Smith for finding the Garfinkel piece, and so many other good articles, and sharing them with the CASPIAN crew.

Posted by Claire @ 12:43 PM CST

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