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09/12/2003 Archived Entry: "Those madcap Brits are at it again"


Every single person in the UK should be compelled to have their DNA on the national database in an effort to prevent crime, a senior police officer has argued.

Currently about two million people who have been charged with criminal offences have their DNA profiles on the national database.

But Kevin Morris, chairman of the Police Superintendents Association, told the Times newspaper opposition to extending the scheme to every man, woman and child was overstated.

The association will call this week for the extension as a tool to revolutionise the fight against crime and solve hundreds of murders.

This of course assumes that every man, woman, and newborn baby in the country is a criminal suspect. So why be good if your government has already decided you're bad, bad, bad? Being bad is so much more amusing.

(Two million "criminals" out of a population of 59 million is already pretty impressive.)

Posted by Claire @ 12:30 PM CST

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