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09/12/2003 Archived Entry: "Free-market counterprotests at WTO"

CAN'T SAY I LIKE THE WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION. Its corporatized, governmentalized, highly regulated version of "free trade" bears about as much resemblance to actual free trade as the present U.S. fedgov bears to the government described in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Still, it's refreshing to see free-market counterprotesters poking fun at leftist hypocrites who are so famously demonstrating at the WTO meeting in Cancun. Groups like the Congress of Racial Equality and the young tyranny-mockers of Bureaucrash bring a lot of common sense to the street theater, which is otherwise dominated by folks who'd gladly take us back to the "environmentally friendly" stone age.

Posted by Claire @ 12:07 PM CST

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