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05/09/2003 Archived Entry: "Data Entry Folks, Take Note ..."

Thought everyone here would enjoy the following e-mail exchange that took place this morning between myself and "Secret Squirrel".

Name changed to protect the brazen, of course! :)

SS: I work in a library, and my computer accidentially erased everyone's SSN #'s... Shucks, don't know how that happened! ;)

DR: Are you serious? This is GREAT! I *love* it!!! Way to go!

SS: Oh yeah. Took me the better part of the day, but somehow, I made that mistake.... (whistles)

We could use a few more SS's. Not just in libraries, either. Blockbuster® clerks could develop severe cases of dyslexia, for instance ... (wink, wink)

Posted by Debra @ 01:47 PM CST

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