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08/06/2004 Archived Entry: "Lest we forget"


Internet blogger Gan Golan described the area: "It's like a scene from some post-apocalyptic movie -- a futuristic, industrial detention area from a Mad Max film. You are surrounded on all sides by concrete blocks and steel fencing, with razor wire lining the perimeter. Then, there is a giant black net over the entire space." ...

One workman at the site characterized the area to a New York Times reporter: "Does it look like a concentration camp? I'm Jewish. It looks like a concentration camp."

Jim Bovard in the Baltimore Sun

Cue Democrats.

I'm happy to say that I watched none of the convention, and I look forward to to devoting just as little attention to that of the Republicans. But Zeynep Toufe of Under the Same Sun took a gander and failed “to hear the words ‘torture,’ ‘abuse,’ or ‘Abu Ghraib’ mentioned anywhere in the Democratic National Convention.”

Just to make sure it wasn't just a bad sample, Zeynep searched through the transcripts of the speeches as they were posted to the Democrats' website. None of the transcripts mentioned those words ...

Dave Gross at The Picket Line

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