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12/29/2003 Archived Entry: "A TV series on the Dept. of Homeland Security?"

IS THIS REALLY TRUE? Is there really going to be (or is there already) a TV series about the Department of Homeland Security??? Not being a TV watcher, I haven't seen any promos for it. And there are only blippettes of info about it on the Web.

Tell me it's some fevered fantasy! Next, they'll be looking for the Bruce Willis of the future to star in "TSA: The Screener." It'll be about a tough (but loveable) rogue who kicks 80-year-old grannies in the balls because he's the only one who recognizes that they're really 30-year-old male agents of secret multi-ethnic terrorist groups, planning to hijack airline drinks carts.

(P.S. in the p.m.: enemyofthestate writes to confirm that yes, it's a real series -- but that it apparently hasn't been picked up by anyone yet. This .pdf prospectus has the info about it on the bottom of page 10.)

Posted by Claire @ 10:01 AM CST

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