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05/12/2004 Archived Entry: "A banishment ritual for the powers of darkness"

A BANISHMENT RITUAL FOR GODS AND PRINCES. My friend sent this yesterday. He wrote it in the form of a memo. But it reads like a ritual incantation to banish the powers of darkness. With all the graphically horrible news this week, we need exactly that. "Begone, foul fiends of church and state ..."

To: The Powers That Be, past, present and future

From: AW

May 11, 2004

Re: Please Leave

I'm weary of you, Gods and Princes.

Weary of your theft, your greed, the "Freedom" you deign to grant me.

I'm weary of hearing about another kid dying because of your lies.

Weary of these tools I hate owning -- these arms I keep in case the flock, having counted itself into a stupor, wakes up and sees what you have wrought.

("Coming in hot" ought mean no more than my thirst for a glass of lemonade as I retire from my garden on an August afternoon.)

Leave me now.

Leave me to laugh. To love. To revel in the beauty of thunderstorms and sunsets.

Leave me to come to an understanding with the snake that's moved in under my front doorstep.

Leave me to feed myself, and if I have a little extra, to reach out my hand to someone who needs it.



And don't come back.

I'll be alright without you.

And if I'm not, it's not your problem.

It never was.

Posted by Claire @ 04:37 PM CST

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