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09/05/2003 Archived Entry: "It's working!"

HEY! DEBRA AND I GOT THE E-MAIL WORKING!!! Now I can get my penis enlarged at least six times (won't I be impressive then?). If I'm depressed at not having a penis to enlarge, there's Prozac awaiting in every cranny of the Net. And once I'm all happied up, I can sit down and see what's in those urgent attachments sent by so many complete strangers! Gawd, don't you just love the Internet? Anyway, if I owe you mail, you'll be hearing from me soon. If you sent a recommendation for a new Web host, I'll hang on to it but probably won't rock the boat again as long as it's sailing smoothly (thank you). And now, we're rolling. But not without a big "Pfffffftt" and "Thanks for nothin'" to the tech support staff at The Web Host That Shall Remain Nameless. Ah well, who needs tech support when I've got the Webmistress of the Dark?

Posted by Claire @ 03:07 PM CST

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