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05/16/2003 Archived Entry: "First test of human-implanted GPS chip"

COME THE REVOLUTION, UP AGAINST THE WALL WITH THESE GUYS. (And the firing squad will aim for their digital implants.)

Here's the lovely latest from our friends at Applied Digital Solutions:

PALM BEACH, FL– May 13, 2003 – Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSX), an advanced technology development company, today announced that it has developed and successfully field tested a working prototype of what the company believes is the first-ever subdermal GPS “personal location device” (PLD). Field testing and follow-up laboratory testing of the disk-shaped prototype confirm that the specially designed antenna and the induction-based power-recharging method function properly.

The dimensions of this initial PLD prototype are 2.5 inches in diameter by 0.5 inches in depth, roughly the size of a pacemaker. As the process of miniaturization proceeds in the coming months, the Company expects to be able to shrink the size of the device to at least one-half and perhaps to as little as one-tenth the current size.

(Thank you to S. for bringing this ray of sunshine into our days.)

Posted by Claire @ 03:00 PM CST

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