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02/10/2004 Archived Entry: "Guns & Dope Party and self defense"

HEYYYYY! COOOOL! Coupla months back I bloggily cheered the Guns & Dope Party -- the most sensible political party to come along in decades. But I chided them for linking to the wrong organization under the category of "self defense." Their link was to the wimpy old N*A [shudder].

Today I surfed over to their site again. It's a refreshing antidote to Dem-ugly-can politics here in the midst of primary & caucus season. And by golly, they'd changed their self-defense link to Gun Owners of America!

Does this mean I actually have political influence????? Does this mean "politicians" actually listen to somebody who doesn't give them $100,000 donations???? Wow. Maybe there's hope for America yet. ;-)

Posted by Claire @ 05:53 PM CST

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