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07/03/2006 Archived Entry: "New books in Wolfesblog's Amazon store"


With advice from a number of helpful TCFers, I added the following books and DVDs to our Amazon.com bookstore today.

The new page will be online as soon as Debra can ftp it to the site, something I can't do here on the library's wireless system. But all the relevant links are in this blog entry. They join 100+ existing titles -- so browse, enjoy, and (if you're so inclined) buy.

The Ultimate Sniper

Kill or Get Killed (close combat, with or without weapons)

Attention Deficit Democracy

The Debate on the Constitution, Volume One

The Debate on the Constitution, Volume Two

V for Vendetta (graphic novel hardcover)

V for Vendetta (graphic novel softcover)

In a new department headed "Creativity, Spirituality, and Philosophy":

The Artist's Way (hardcover)

The Artist's Way (paperback)

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

And in the DVD section:

V for Vendetta (special two-disc set) (for pre-order)

V for Vendetta (one-disc widescreen) (for pre-order)

V for Vendetta (one-disc fullscreen) (for pre-order)

I'm collecting more titles and will probably add another selection of books within the month. Unfortunately the availability of some of my own books seems a little iffy right now. Three of my four Loompanics titles are now available via Paladin-Press (and the fourth should be; I think stocks ran out). But Amazon still lists Loompanics as the publisher. Dunno what effect that will have on orders.

Posted by Claire @ 02:19 PM CST

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