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11/03/2004 Archived Entry: "A Bush "mandate": Time to duck and cover"

A MANDATE. I hear that's what Cheney called yesterday's vote. A mandate for more Patriot Acts? For more mid-east slaughter? For more Project Safe Neighborhoods-type prosecutions?

Ugh. Now, there's a scary thing. And to think, the damn Democrats could have had this one if they'd fielded Anybody-But-Kerry. But even Eminem's last-minute mosh-the-vote video (nice try, pal) couldn't rouse anybody to get excited about that dude.

I roamed around the Desert Hermitage yesterday and today, dimly wondering how the vote was going, had gone. We have no radio here, no TV, and only part-time Internet, so I had no way of knowing who won the election or how it was going until somebody brought the news this evening.

My old political-junky instincts kept trying to push to the surface, kept trying to get me to care. I finally dimly decided that I'd rather have Bush than Kerry for president, if only because Bush isn't inclined to pass too many new Clinton-style gun laws. Even if it might mean four more years of Demonic Ashcroft, greasing himself with Crisco before he shafts us. But Bush and a solid majority in both houses of Congress ...? Erk.

Worse, as one of my tin-foil-hat friends pointed out, this result paves the way for Hillary in 2008. Paves? Hell, it damn near strews rose petals in her path.

If you have the ear of any gods, pray to them for mercy. Then I strongly suggest you get yourself a gulch somewhere, retreat, and hang on to what liberty you can.

(Oh yeah. You might also buy yourself and some of those Bush voters a copy of The Freedom Outlaws Handbook. I fear we're all gonna need it. Or get those Bush voters a copy of The State vs. the People so they'll understand what kind of government they really voted for.)

Posted by Claire @ 06:36 PM CST

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