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06/28/2004 Archived Entry: "Latest elite plan to control money and masses"

THE JUNE 26 ENTRY IN KAREN DE COSTER'S BLOG has haunted me all weekend. If you go there, be sure and read the article she links to. It's long but ... well, necessary. In short, there's yet another elitist scheme afoot to control us unruly masses and our money (and this time it's "money control" in the same sense the elites mean "gun control" -- that is, getting rid of it and replacing it with a weird, complex scheme of trackable transactions and social insurance).

Excessively creepy stuff. My first impulse was to dismiss the information. It is, after all, just some ivory tower denizen's intellectual masturbation. But ... I dunno. Read it and watch the future.

Posted by Claire @ 09:55 AM CST

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