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08/31/2004 Archived Entry: "Keepandbeararms.com sold to SAF/CCRKBA"

THIS IS A SAD, SAD DAY FOR GUN RIGHTS. Keepandbeararms.com has been sold to the Second Amendment Foundation/Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. KABA founder and director Angel Shamaya has been one of the great lights for gun rights. He has taken hardcore stands, raised money for important causes (like the Silveira lawsuit), kept us aware of Second Amendment news, and never yielded an inch.

Angel put heart, soul, mind, and money into KABA. And here's the kind of person he was, and is. While KABA was in its own desperate struggle to fund Silveira, Angel still made sure that KABA gave enough money to JPFO to earn a place as one of the honored members of the Producers Circle.

Unfortunately, gun owners didn't give KABA the kind of support KABA gave to the movement. I have the highest respect for Angel Shamaya. Let's say I have somewhat less respect for SAF/CCRKBA. I'm glad KABA didn't simply have to fold. But we'll be lucky if SAF/CCRKBA can do 1/10th as good a job as Angel did.

Posted by Claire @ 11:52 PM CST

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