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08/15/2005 Archived Entry: "TSA to allow "hijack weapons" again?"

OKAY, LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT. The TSA -- whose very existence was sparked by a perceived need to keep box cutters off of airplanes -- is now contemplating allowing razor blades, ice picks, and pocketknives through screening.

Now, of course you and I know that the ice pick or the Boy Scout knife isn't the villain and should never have been banned. But if the TSAcrats determine that virtually every small bladed or pointed device is hunky dory, then shouldn't the TSA just disband, go away, and cease its happy little gropefests altogether?

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, but Bibamufu reminded me:

What fuc#*&g Bastards they are...

The Aug. 5 memo recommends reducing patdowns by giving screeners the discretion not to search those wearing tight-fitting clothes. It also suggests exempting several categories of passengers from screening, including federal judges, members of Congress, Cabinet members, state governors, high-ranking military officers and those with high-level security clearance.

Now, isn't that a sweet way to run a "democracy"? The elite (and the worst destroyers of freedom) are presumed trustworthy while the peasants are all suspect. Hmph. I'm surprised they don't propose to exempt journalists. Sure, journalist are no more trustworthy than the rest of us hoi palloi. But since the aim is apparently to stop powerful people from getting their undies in a bunch and screaming their outrage, reporters are a natural addition to the list.

Posted by Claire @ 09:10 AM CST

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