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12/05/2006 Archived Entry: "Guns n' Gold, Part II"

GUN TO GOLD...AND BACK TO GUN Blogispondent Ian here. As you may recall, I swapped a gun for a gold Krugerrand not too long ago. Well, I was at another gun show recently, and just for kicks took that Krugerrand along with me in case I found something I couldn't pass up. And (you might see this one coming)...I did find something. A very nice rifle, at a great price. It was being sold by a pawn shop that had a table at the show. I showed them the coin and asked if they would take it, though being a fairly large business I wasn't too hopeful. And though the employee I was talking to seemed to like the idea, his boss turned me down.

So, they were kind enough to hold the rifle for me while I went to try to sell the gold for cash. I was a bit worried about being able to get full value from it on such short notice, but it turns out I needn't have any fears. Before I got more than a few feet, I stopped to explain to a friend what was going on - and another fellow passing by overhead me, saw the gold, and offered me spot price right there. Cool! He gave me cash, and I went right back to the dealer to pick up my new bang stick.

Posted by Ian @ 09:42 PM CST

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