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11/07/2005 Archived Entry: "Hypocrite politicals on the Patriot Act (and more)"

A-FRICKIN-MEN! Habitually, they vote for laws they later pretend to hate.

This disconnect between actions and words isn't only the disease of the left. For years now, ex-rep (and conservative) Bob Barr has been going around positioning himself as a "privacy advocate." If you merely read his writings, you might be impressed. But go back and look at his votes ca. 1996, when the current ramped-up rape of privacy and individual self-ownership really took off, and you'll find "Republican Revolutionary" Barr firmly on the side of national-ID drivers licenses and a host of other statist abominations.

May their afterlife consist of being forced to live in a society where every, single law they ever voted for is applied to them. Let them decide whether they've created heaven or hell.

Posted by Claire @ 09:07 AM CST

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