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04/03/2007 Archived Entry: "Census Bureau gave specific names and addresses for Japanese internment"

NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING UNTIL IT'S BEEN OFFICIALLY DENIED. That's a quote attributed to various quipsters, including the laugh-a-minute Kaiser Wilhelm. It most recently turned up in the British TV series "Yes, Minister."

Now proof of its accuracy turns up once again, right here in Realityville.

After decades of denials and endless reassurances about the absolute, unshakable confidentiality of census data, researchers have discovered that the U.S. Census Bureau worked hand-in-iron-fist with the War Department to round up innocent Japanese-Americans and slam them into concentration camps (and yes, they were called concentration camps until the fedgov realized how politically incorrect that term had become).

The Census Bureau was forced to admit long ago that they had given neighborhood data, down to the block level ("there are high numbers of Japanese surnames in this area"). But now the denials have given way. The Census Bureau supplied the War Department with specific names and addresses of targets to be rounded up. Remember that next time the friendly census taker comes to your door. Oh, you say there's a confidentiality law to protect you now? Oh, well, of course the government would never violate its own laws. Especially not in a quest for "security," right? Since citizens can hardly be secure if they can't trust their government to stay within its lawful boundaries.

Anyhow, no worry. It's too late to matter. Every agency of the fedgov probably already has everything it needs to know about your race and other subversive characteristics -- courtesy of the information you surrendered to banks, insurance companies, auto dealers, and your employer.

Posted by Claire @ 10:59 AM CST

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