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08/28/2003 Archived Entry: "Back just in time to disappear again"

UNTIL TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, CLAIREWOLFE.COM WAS HOSTED BY NZWEBIT. It was a cute little hosting service with lots of budget plans. It also had the charm of being about as "offshore" as it could get from a U.S. perspective. New Zealand is far off everybody's shores. So I'd recommended the service to lots of friends.

Harumph. No more. A week ago, Clairewolfe.com started careening toward disaster. Bandwidth usage zoomed at an alarming rate. And much as I'd like to believe those friends who said my poor site was a victim of its own success, in fact there were signs the disappearing bandwidth was caused by a glitch or possibly even a hack. I dunno because NZWebIT's "24/7 customer support e-mail" turned out to be "24/7 ignore the customers increasingly frantic pleas." A vast, echoing silence arose out of New Zealand when I tried to find out what was going on and extend my bandwidth allowance. Nobody was home in any department of NZWebIT for more than a week. A very, long, long week.

And so Clairewolfe.com went down ...

Well, here we are at another host which boasts "award-winning customer service." We'll see about that. If might take a few days for my domain name to propagate across the Net and point to the new nameservers. But if you've arrived here, you're in the club. Welcome.

The good news is that the new hosting plan allows 30 times more bandwidth than the old. Thanks to kind donors to this site I was able to move up to this plan. No more "bandwidth exceeded" messages, thank you.

The less good news (though it's nice news for me) is that I'm leaving Friday for the Liberty Round Table's annual conclave and I won't be back until Monday night or Tuesday morning. So now that you've found me, I'm lost again. But not for long.

In the meantime, since I've missed several days of newsing and opinionating, let me leave you with this cheery word: Celldar. When we worried that our cellphones were going to track us ... we didn't know the half of our problem. Ya don't even have to have the cellphone. Just moving within range of the towers will be enough when this new system is perfected. The story linked above is from Britain, where as usual they're a couple of steps "ahead" of the U.S. on paranoid Big Brother measures. (What are the damn Brits so terrified of, anyway?)

Have a happy Labor Day. And don't labor too hard.

Posted by Claire @ 09:55 PM CST

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