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09/21/2004 Archived Entry: "More on the glories of TSA protection"


And let's just say that I know that the "reliable source" mentioned here is about as reliable as it gets:

Let's say I know somebody -- a really reliable source. He flew from Boston to Medford, Oregon yesterday.

In Boston, he was singled out for extra attention. Though he didn't have to take off his (intentionally) stinky shoes, he did have to sit down and raise each foot to be wanded.

Further, the female who did the inspection managed to touch his crotch twice, made him undo his belt and flip over the top of his pants to prove there was nothing down there. [sic]

Both carry on bags were opened. All pockets for these bags were opened, and the contents rifled. Each computer was removed and they did the molecular analysis looking for explosives. (Oddly, nothing came back positive)

After 15 minutes (!), he was free to go, and he walked to the gate to sit the remaining 90 minutes for his flight.

Though he had inspected his bags before arriving at the airport, a little thought was niggling at him, and he opened the most prominent pocket on one of his bags, looked in, and spotted his pocket knife! It has a 4" blade and was a gift to his father, which he inherited when his father passed away.

Hmmm. Aside from the amazing lack of efficacy for the extended search, the problem is, what to do with this knife? It has sincere sentimental value, and he didn't want to throw it in the trash.

So, he decided to pretend he hadn't seen it, and see if he could make it to Oregon without going through security again. Through two layovers, this proved to be possible, and he arrived at his destination -- knife intact.

Isn't that an interesting story? As I said the person is 100% reliable. He even proved to his wife the location of said instrument before he was able to pick up his checked baggage.

We're in awe at the amazing incompetence shown at so many levels that we're virtually speechless.


"Nothing down there." Yep, that's what our gummint is hoping for -- a no balls America.

It's also worth noting that this person doesn't dare reveal his identity because, among other things, the same goons who "inspected, detected, and rejected" him have the (unconstitutional -- but who cares about that?) authority to impose a $10,000 fine, with nothing resembling real due process, on anyone who accidentally brings a pocketknife onto an airplane.

Posted by Claire @ 09:40 AM CST

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