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09/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Hitler the happy homeowner"

THE WAVES OF HISTORY OCCASIONALLY WASH UP SOME REAL BIZARRITIES. In 1938, the British magazine Homes and Gardens excreted this fawning article about the gracious living at Hitler's mountain retreat. Weird, weird, weird.

The article was dug up and scanned by the astute blogger, Simon Waldman. Homes and Gardens' copyright holder had a cow (wouldn't you? at least their cow was very polite) and Waldman took his copies of the scans down, but by then they had been mirrored all over the Internet.

As one Freeper commented when the scans were mirrored there, "Who wrote this thing? Neville Chamberlain?" Just shows to go you that the worst evil in the world can be right on your doorstep and millions will deny that fact -- to the extremely bitter end.


Posted by Claire @ 09:40 AM CST

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