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02/14/2007 Archived Entry: "Misc. news and views"

BEEN SAVING UP SEVERAL NEWS ITEMS the last few days, intending to write a coherent blog entry from one or two of them. Well, so much for coherent. It's time to just unload them on you wholesale:

RFID dust. Yep, Hitachi has developed it. Flecks smaller in diameter than a human hair. Small enough to go into your food, your meds, your gunpowder, your ID card -- perhaps even the air around you?

What do you do when the cops are among those speeding dangerously past your house? Perhaps you set up radar. And a speed camera. One couple did. They caught their cop in action. And repeatedly complained to his bosses. Now guess ... take exactly one guess ... which party is in trouble with the law?

Has the peace movement sold out, body and soul, to the Democrats? One writer notes that neither Naderites nor libertarians are welcome any more. (Though as Rational Review News noted when they linked to this article, the author is wrong about Nader being the "only" antiwar candidate in the 2004 presidential race.)

The real "tax freedom day." I see an analysis like this every few years, then lose track of it. Official "tax freedom" day is measured solely in the raw amount of taxes that come out of your pocket. The cost is of course much greater and includes the price of regulation, the increased amounts you pay for goods and services, etc. This article doesn't try to put a precise figure or date on it. But it does identify some of the other factors involved.

Finally, just a little personal preference. I like stick-shift vehicles. Wouldn't own an automatic. One of many reasons to hang on to the old Toyota (though it'll have been sitting broken & motionless two months tomorrow) is that sticks are becoming a rarity. I like 'em for all the reasons laid out in this article. It's great to see the historic and practical "standard transmission" defended.

Posted by Claire @ 08:15 PM CST

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