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02/13/2007 Archived Entry: "Bank of America to offer SSN-less credit card"

GOOD NEWS FOR UNDOCUMENTED (OR JUST PRIVACY LOVING) AMERICANS. Bank of America is rolling out a credit card requiring no SSN.

Yes, the media propaganda is making it sound as if the bank is catering strictly to "illegal immigrants." And perhaps that's the idea. (The plan is beginning in Los Angeles, in the heart of Aztlan.) Never mind; it's a boon to freedom Outlaws, victims of identity theft, and privacy-lovers in general, too.

No, I don't think it's a brilliant idea to rush out and get into debt. But you know how many things these days, from renting a car to buying on line, are hard, if not impossible, to do without A Card. So get it, use it, pay it off monthly. Never ever did I think I'd be saying, "Good for the BofA." But what the heck. Good for the BofA!

And wouldn't it be interesting if those "illegals" whom some of us hate so bitterly became a major factor in ending the last decade's attempt at centralized federal ID control?

Posted by Claire @ 10:02 AM CST

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