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06/01/2004 Archived Entry: "Vin plugs The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook"

WHOO HOO, VIN! Nice plug for The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook. Thank you! Vin calls it "an easy-to-read starter kit for newbies to the freedom movement" -- which about sums it up.

Even more fun to read was the rest of Vin's column, which describes a book not to read -- Caitlin Kelly's Blown Away: American Women and Guns. I haven't read the thing and I do believe I'll give it a miss. But apparently Ms. Kelly not only repeats many of the old frauds about the danger of owning guns, but passes along a few less well-known idiocies. Rifles for home defense? Lovely. Provided your intention is to shoot an "intruder" who's 100 yards away.

Posted by Claire @ 06:08 AM CST

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