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10/02/2003 Archived Entry: "FSP detailed results available in The Quill/New Western FSP"

DETAIILED RESULTS OF THE FSP VOTING are available now in the porcupines' newsletter, The Quill. Very complex table of results -- but no question New Hampshire whomped everybody.

Had western supporters structured their ballots somewhat differently, Wyoming might narrowly have triumphed. Ah well, once New Hampshire has shown the way, the next Free State Project might choose the Rockies.

In fact westerners yesterday announced their own FSP. Here's contact info:

To get involved with the Western Free State Project go to Yahoo Groups and join, or contact Mykl Meagher at myklfsp@yahoo.com. Contact me [Ben Irvin] at birvin@allidaho.com. This project's success and direction will depend on the commitment and energy of members.

Ben Irvin stresses that the WFSP isn't meant to be competition for the original; the new group hopes only to recruit those who opted out of New Hampshire or who never wanted to leave the west. The half of me that would love to see two (or 50!) free states wars with the half that says oh please let's not do the typical libertarian fragmentation act and end up with no free state at all. We do have a terrible history of self-destructing organizations, thanks to our innate curse-blessing of "doing our own thing."

Hang together or hang separately.

Posted by Claire @ 03:23 PM CST

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