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04/15/2006 Archived Entry: "We're all being wiretapped"

The revelations of NSA wiretapping on US citizens puzzled many observers for a time. Why circumvent the FISA law and secret court that not only allowed spying to begin before getting a warrant, but had only turned down about 4 requests out of 19,000?

The simple answer was that the Bushiveks knew full well that even the supine FISA judges would never approve of what was being done. What could violate even the pathetically weak protections offered by the FISA law?

Answer: Massive eavesdropping on ALL communications, using ECHELON-like technology to search for key words or patterns. Bug every American citizen, resident, and visitor. Spy on us all and then sort it out.

I've kept my deductions to myself; I already have too much of a tinfoil hat reputation among friends and co-workers. The problem with being paranoid in today's Amerika is that they really are out to get you.

The proof is coming out as a result of a lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. AT&T has allowed the NSA to hire secret workers, install secret rooms in major switching centers, and diverted most or all voice and data traffic on AT&T's huge network into a set of sniffer boxes. Bruce Schneier has details on his blog, and Wired relates the tale of how a true patriot Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room.

If you have faith in the courts, you can sit back and wait for the feds to police themselves and put a stop to the most egregious, blatantly illegal act since the founding of the republic.

I have faith in free markets, and no faith that government-appointed, government-paid Nazgul will do the right thing. I have replaced AT&T as my long-distance voice and internet service provider. I will never willingly do business with any AT&T affiliate of any kind, ever again. This corporation needs to be reminded that they serve consumers, not government.

I know that many people will say that AT&T had no choice, that they were compelled to do what they have done. I don't know, and I don't care. There is a higher power than the feds, who have forgotten whom they serve. Consumer choice can put a stop to this nonsense right now. Let a few million people cancel their service, and AT&T will get the message. Those wiretaps will be axed out faster than you can say "executive stock option."

The question is not of 'legality.' The question is what you will stand for. I won't stand for this. Will you?

Posted by Silver @ 08:55 AM CST

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