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12/16/2006 Archived Entry: "Wendy McElroy on the latest Internet "for the children" BS"

WENDY MCELROY HAS AN INTERESTING PERSONAL TAKE on the latest and most idiotic "for the children" Internet proposal. You want babysitters, Mr. McCain?

My take is more like the one expressed by some folks on TCF. This proposal -- which would require every blog or bulletin board owner, however tiny, to report "bad" postings or pay fines up to $300,000 -- would be used almost exclusively to bust political opponents of whatever regime is in power. Have some hired thug toss an unsavory post on some innocent discussion board, then rush in to bust the owners. Doesn't matter who actually did what. Once you're accused of harboring kiddie porn, you're toast anyhow.

I really doubt that even our tech-ignorant congressthings will be dumb enough to pass this turkey turd, though.

Posted by Claire @ 08:17 AM CST

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