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08/03/2006 Archived Entry: "Making Cactus Jelly"

MAKING JELLY FROM PRICKLY PEARS IS JUST AS PAINFUL AS PICKING THE %$#& THINGS. For the last several years, I've faithfully gathered prickly pears from the local environment and attempted to make jelly. It hasn't been pretty. Every version thus far has turned out like syrup (and a few of the variants where I added mint or red wine have turned out just scary -- you could get buzzed on your breakfast pancakes.)

This year I'm using a different approach. I'm making tiny little batches (so there's less to toss when I fail), and making adjustments between batches. Last night was the first batch -- the flavor's great, but it's a thick syrup, not a jelly. And the color is weird: kind of rusty-colored, rather than the bright pink of the cactus pear juice.

Tonight I'm trying again. I think there may be three factors that affected the jelling process:

Results tomorrow!

Posted by Debra @ 10:06 AM CST

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