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08/03/2006 Archived Entry: "Census workers to find and tag gulches"

GULCHERS AND OTHER PRIVACY LOVERS BEWARE. The next Invasion of the Census Takers will have them tagging the exact location of front doors using GPS units. They're specially tasked with going down every country lane and urban alley, looking for hidden dwelling units such as converted garages or unpermitted cabins.

Surely some rural dwellers will decide it's time to SS&S. But presumably the workers themselves will be GPS-tagged for their own safety. This could get interesting.

The fedgov's devouring desire for all information about all people, all animals, and all things is reaching the point where surely even a TV-besotted drone must begin to recognize it as a paranoiac control-freak's obsession.

Posted by Claire @ 08:58 AM CST

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