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09/01/2004 Archived Entry: "For the record ..."

FOR THE RECORD ... If you ever hear that I "consented to a search" of my home, vehicle, or possessions -- I didn't. If you ever hear that I "waived my right to an attorney" -- I didn't. If you ever hear that I "cooperated in the investigation" that lead to my own arrest -- you hear another bloody lie.

I was thinking about this this morning because of this appalling article posted by Bobaloo at TCF. Because this story is typical of the sheer unjust ruthlessness that characterizes the current "justice" system. And because of familiar news articles that parrot police claims that some drug dealer or marijuana grower "consented to a search" of his home, during which cops found heaps of contraband lying in plain sight. The latest such report came out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where police following up a shooting inspected nearby houses without warrants, and quickly brought felony charges against a marijuana farmer who gave such "consent."

BTW, why don't reporters ever question this obvious absurdity, which is repeated again and again in stories of drug busts or illegal firearms busts?

Well, be that as it may, I'll never "consent" or "waive" anything. And if you hear otherwise, please print this out and send it to the judge and the local media as proof.

I love justice. But the "justice system" is no friend of justice, these days. I know my rights and I sure as bloody black hell don't consent to having them trampled. No way, no how.

Posted by Claire @ 10:11 AM CST

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