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04/01/2003 Archived Entry: "The virtues of mispelling"

THE VIRTUES OF MISPELLING. Does anybody else find it encouraging how many contestants have been thrown off Fox's "American Idol" after belated discoveries of their shady pasts? Not that it's a good thing so many of them are crooks and/or liars. Tacky, that. But isn't it interesting (for any privacy seeker, that is) that allegedly thorough background checks miss so much?

The latest young stud to get the boot in the butt managed to hide an assault charge, simply because cops had spelled his name "Cory" instead of "Corey" on the arrest record. It took a tip to The Smoking Gun before Fox caught on.

This is good news for anybody who dislikes the current trend for every institution with access to a database to stick a proctoscope up our pasts. Yeah, a few criminals benefit when The Holy Data turns out not to be inerrant and omniscient after all. But so do folks who just believe the world should mind its own business. So keep on confusing those databases. And remember that Claire -- or Clare -- or Clair -- or Clara -- or Clar -- or Clarice -- is cheering you on.

Posted by Claire @ 08:28 AM CST

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