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01/04/2004 Archived Entry: "More stuff Hunter needs"

OUR ARRESTED FRIEND HUNTER COULD USE A FEW MORE THINGS. Hunter has been caught far from home by his felony firearms arrest. Even though he's out of jail, he's been unable to return to his home state or go to work. Keep those contributions to his defense fund coming! But on the fifth page of the "Hunter arrested" thread at The Claire Files forums you'll find a couple more ways to help.

For one, Hunter could use some "walking around" money. (Address for sending it posted on the forum.) The police not only confiscated his weapons, but everything right down to his tee shirts and tooth brush -- and so far, they're refusing to let him have even his Christmas presents back. Hiring lawyers, staying in hotels ... that's depleting his resources quickly. (Thank you, Ladylearning, for thinking of this!)

For two, he could use letters to local Ohio media. Sunni has posted some of the key messages that will most help Hunter shake off the media-generated image of a "lone-nut militia whacko sniper suspect with strange electronic devices and an arsenal in his car."

Posted by Claire @ 02:25 PM CST

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