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09/20/2005 Archived Entry: "Codrea's complaints about the Hardyville Freedom Film Festival"

DAVID CODREA HAS SOME COMPLAINTS about the Hardyville Freedom Film Festival. And OMG! I agree with most of them.

Charles Robert Carner's explicitly freedom-oriented 1997 TV-remake of Vanishing Point would have been a fine nominee. As, for that matter, would the original 1971 Vanishing Point.

Amazon.com reviews weren't kind to the remake, but most were upset because it "turned the message of the original upside-down." True, the original was dark, mystical, and nihilistic and the remake is brighter, more concrete, and more upbeat. On its own very different merits (not least of which is a pre-Aragorn Viggo Mortensen), CRC's Vanishing Point is well above average TV movie fare and a bright spot in the media for freedom lovers. And we left it out.

Ah well, there's always more years and more good films. And yes, David, the possibility of write-in votes.

Posted by Claire @ 11:53 AM CST

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