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07/22/2003 Archived Entry: "FSP: A magnanimous gesture from the New Hampshire-ites"


As the Free State Project rushes toward voting day, a hot rivalry has developed between the leading western contender, Montana, and the big eastern draw, New Hampshire. In a few weeks, Porcupines will make their choice. When we signed up, we all also had a choice to opt out of those FSP candidate states we absolutely wouldn't move to. (I think I said no way to Delaware.) Some people opted out of every state but one -- often the one they were living in. That meant the FSP would lose them if the vote didn't go their way.

Now from webmistress Debra -- who's one of the FSP honchos -- comes word of a very classy gesture from the New Hampshire-ites.

We have all seen the debates as to our choice of state on our various forums. NH's supporters want most of all to see the FSP be successful. In the spirit of the Free State Project, and in an effort to show support for the Project, the following NH Leadership and friends either already have no opt-outs or hereby drop all their remaining opt-out states ...

Definitely classy, New Hampshire. Definitely. Too many liberty projects have gone blooey because we forget Franklin's warning that if we don't all hang together we'll all hang separately. Hats off -- with panache and a great flourish -- to New Hampshire supporters.

As a westerner to my heart and soul, I've sometimes regretted I didn't opt out of New Hampshire when I joined the FSP. But now ... I'm pretty sure I could get to like the place. Off to meet their challenge and drop the rest of my opt-outs now.

Posted by Claire @ 04:47 PM CST

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