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07/22/2003 Archived Entry: "Symantec's "Internet Security" blocks pro-gun sites"

WOW. LOOK WHAT SYMANTEC'S "INTERNET SECURITY" BLOCKS BY DEFAULT. Internet filtering products are pretty notorious for blocking useful (and political) sites, as well as sites that you may not want your kids to visit. But here's what one gun-rights supporter found to be blocked by default when he installed Symantec's Internet Security filter. (This list is from a letter sent to JPFO by a correspondent, who gave permission for his discovery to be publicized):

http://www.wagc.com/ (Women Against Gun Control)
http://www.nraila.org/ (NRA's Institute for Legislative Action)
http://www.saf.org/ (Second Amendment Foundation)
http://www.tsra.com/LottPage.htm (Prof. John Lott's page)
http://www.gunowners.org/ (Gun Owners of America)
http://www.nfa.ca/ (National Firearms Assoc. (Canada))
http://www.mcrgo.org/ (Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners)
http://www.goal.org/ (Gun Owners Action League)
http://www.io.com/~velte/pt.htm (Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights)
http://www.isra.org/ (Illinois State Rifle Assoc.)
http://www.mothersarms.org (Mother's Arms)
http://www.gosc.org/ (Gun owners of South Carolina)
http://www.kc3.com/ (Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed)
http://www.ccrkba.org/ (Citizens committee Right to Keep and Bear Arms)
http://licgweb.dos.state.fl.us/weapons/index.html (FL Department of State's
website with info about concealed carry statues)
http://www.bfpe.state.ct.us (CT state Board of Firearm Permit Examiners)

These are all blocked in the "Weapons" category. It's true (as the JPFO supporter wrote in his letter of protest to Symantec) that a parent can unblock these sites simply by unchecking "Weapons." Nevertheless, they represent pretty strange blocking choices by any criteria. If there are really parents out there who are so rabidly afraid of guns that they don't even want their children to study the political issues around firearms, they're free to designate blocks of their own, in this or most other filtering software. But is Symantec doing anybody a useful service by designating pro-gun political sites as unfit and off-limits by default?

Wonder how many conservative Christian parents install this software without ever realizing it prevents their children from visiting sites that encourage them to protect their rights and their lives? Not to mention scholarly sites about guns and society and even a few state agencies!

Posted by Claire @ 10:51 PM CST

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