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06/23/2006 Archived Entry: "V for Vendetta DVD pre-orders"

V FOR VENDETTA IS NOW AVAILABLE for pre-orders on Amazon.com. Release date: August 1. Counting the days, counting the days ...

I just splurged on the special two-disc set. (Well, not so much of a splurge. They've reduced the price to $19.99; it was listed at more than $23 just a couple of days ago.)

Amazon is also taking orders on the one-disc widescreen version ($15.98) and the one-disc fullscreen version ($15.98).

If you plan to buy, please do us both a favor and use those links. You'll get a fabulously subversive movie. Wolfesblog will get a little more income.

I'll soon be adding V for Vendetta and other items to the blog's bookstore (which has gotten a bit out of date since Loompanics closed; sorry). Will aim for having the new items online next week. (Any suggestions for what to add? Email them to Debra or post them at TCF. I'll start a thread in the Hardyville section.)

Posted by Claire @ 01:40 PM CST

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