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06/24/2006 Archived Entry: "Living Free while being watched"


Charles H. Featherstone, LewRockwell.com columnist and soon to be divinity student, gives a first-hand account of attracting special scrutiny from our masters in Mordor. In This Line Is Insecured he writes

This is the unfortunate reality of the world in which we live right now, of governments staffed by those wishing to know and control everything.
That said, we should not let surveillance, or the possibility of surveillance, silence us or shut us down. At least half of being free is thinking and acting like a free human being, whatever the consequences might be.
How true. I admire Mr. Featherstone's courage. If I were taking frequent calls from Saudi Arabia, discussing everthing from "jailed Moroccan prostitutes to government executioners to the daily police blotter to angry municipal council meetings," I might consider a Tracfone pre-paid cell phone, because as the Greek Wiretapping Scandal shows, even the spooks in Laurel, Maryland agree that "Such cellphones, particularly when paid for in cash, typically are harder to trace than those acquired with a monthly subscription plan."

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