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09/23/2004 Archived Entry: "Anthony Hargis -- good news/bad news"

ANTHONY HARGIS -- GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS. Anthony Hargis is out of jail. But as he explains:

The only reason for this release is because the government took everything it could find that was connected to me: this included bank accounts, real property, the office and its related postal and e-mail addresses, and telephone. This meansthat everyone who tries to communicate with me at my old address will reach the IRS instead -- and those at the office will represent themselves as working for [Anthony L. Hargis & Co.].

These seized assets are technically held in a kind of escrow pending the outcome of the government's case against me. In the meantime, the government will use these assets to finance its prosecution against me, while I am denied the use of those same assets for the purpose of defending myself.

Thus, I have no resources to fight this case; I am even having difficulty with basic living needs, not to mention communicating with my supporters. ...

Please understand, your life, literally, is at stake here. The government is really ticked off that we have operated/exercised rights for twenty-eight years; and is determined to make a real bloody example of all of us. I am offering to help prevent this; but I need your help.

Anthony is trying to raise money solely by selling his books. He doesn't deserve the fate that's befallen him after 28 years of providing useful services to freedom-seekers. If you want to help, either by buying books or by sending a donation, write to:

Anthony Hargis
c/o Joe DeClue, Esq.
2427 N. Tustin Ave, Ste. B
Santa Ana, CA92705

Anthony can accept U.S. stamps, cash, or blank postal money orders, no checks. If you want him to send you a book list, I suggest sending a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Posted by Claire @ 09:09 AM CST

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